Medicine Body Workshop-28th Oct 2023

Stop the flow of words

Open the window of your heart

And let the spirit speak. 


Medicine Body Workshop is based on somatic movement and TCM to experience our body and mind in the present moment with all our senses, exploring the wisdom of energy medicine and creation.

This is an opportunity to dive into a process of direct feeling, sensing, and perceiving through heart energy, where we can bridge to a deeper sense of creation and healing within.

In TCM, the heart belongs to the fire (light) element. Heart energy is an engine, pulsing with the breath of life to communicate between the mind and the body, guiding one’s life purpose by manifesting dreams, expressing oneself, and connecting to consciousness and the higher self.

In our soma, heart energy radiates in our eyes and materializes through our hands. Its quality is warm, joyful, transformative, and transcendental.

The spirit of the heart is called “Shen,” which means inspiration, insight, awareness, and compassion.

When Shen is balanced, we are connected to clear speech and vision, good sleep patterns, self-expression, and awareness. When unbalanced, we feel cloudy thinking, a lack of eye contact and confidence, hypervigilance and paranoia, trouble relating to others, panic, and disturbed sleep patterns.

In the workshop, we will explore heart energy by working with a sense of touch, vision, and silence, experiencing it through felt senses. We will open a process of cultivating heart wisdom, such as



Inner guidance

We will work with slow movement, sensory practice, drawing, and writing to translate our inquiry process, and work as a group and in a partnering format to support each other’s journey.

The workshop is designed for people,

  • Who want to find creative tools to manage body-mind symptoms in a holistic way.
  • To learn about a body-oriented practice, creative art & healing process.
  • To be informed about Oriental medicine & holistic health.

The workshop is open for everyone. Previous experience is not required.

  • Date & Time: 28th October 14:00-17:00 @ Medicine Body studio. Potgieterstraat 39 sous Amsterdam.
  • Cost : 90 euro.
  • Registration:   (Sign-up is necessary due to the limited space)

Ko is an artist, acupuncturist & somatic practitioner based in Amsterdam.

Her work explores Body-Mind-Spirit by integrating the knowledges of oriental medicine, somatic healing and art creation.

Ko helps her clients to feel at rest and assist healing process where clients can connect to their own self healing capacity and personal power.

In parallel to her clinical practice, she also continues her research  in nature to  investigate 5 elements wisdom and embodiment.

She grew up with traditional Korean medicine; her father is a life long Korean medicine practitioner in South Korea.

Initially she worked as a professional dancer and choreographer.  She brings years of body knowledge and creativity in her practice.

She is a co-owner of Medicine Body Studio where she facilitates ongoing sessions and workshops.