Medicine Body Movement


“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.” -Elizabeth A Behnke


Medicine Body movement is  based on body awareness to feel, sense and experience body-mind connection through movement practice. In this training, you will be guided safely  to re-learn how to move and train your body  consciously in order to get back to your balanced self and well-being.


-Personal movement training  for health,  Injury prevention & recovery

This one-on-one movement coaching session is designed for individuals looking to improve their health through movement and stretching based on basic Qigong ( slow and focused movement)  &  body awareness practice. Each session is tailored to your needs to improve overall strength, flexibility, coordination and healthy posture. 



Group workshop

Group training focuses on health, well-being and self- inquiry. Inspired by practices of  body awareness, imagery, sensorial perception and inquiry, this training is a way to tune into your own body with grounding and  creativity. Starting with a meditation, warm-up, guided exercises in groups and duets, and a simple approach to body inquiry  for all ages and body conditions. 



Jihae and Kay worked as professional dancers and  choreographers for many years, collaborated with numerous visual artists, sound artists and theater makers in Europe and S.Korea. They are also a long time practitioner of somatics and self-inquiry. They bring years of body knowledge, artistic creativity &  inquiry process in their practice.

Jihae is a registered acupuncturist & energy therapist in Dutch health care system. Kay is a certified Shiatsu & bodywork therapist  working at Het Nationale ballet . Their passion is to integrate art and therapy  to help people  feel more present in their bodies and become more conscious of their creative potential and well-being.

They are the co-owners of Medicine Body Studio in Amsterdam.