Welcome to Medicine Body Studio.  

We offer acupuncture, somatic therapy, Korean herbal medicine and energy healing in the center of Amsterdam.

Our focus is on supporting each client’s energetic connection to their own body and mind while promoting a balanced way of living and improving specific health conditions.

Our practice is registered with the Association Zhong (Nederlandse vereniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde).

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Ko Jihae (1979) is a registered acupuncturist, somatic therapist,  artist & researcher based in Amsterdam. She worked as a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer for many years. She brings years of experience and understanding of body knowledge  into her practice.

From her early age, she became familiar with Asian medicine and Acupuncture through her father who is a TKM (Traditional Korean Medicine) practitioner, known as TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the West.

Her work embodies a holistic healing and somatic awareness approach to alternative medicine practice.

She is a co-owner of Medicine Body Studio in Amsterdam.

Diplomas &  Trainings

  • Acupuncture (BA) at Shenzhou open university of TCM.
  • Western medicine at Shenzhou open university of TCM.
  • Ontario college of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada.
  • Korean Sassang constitutional Acupuncture & Herbalism.
  • Dance Choreography (BA) in Hogeschool voor de kunsten.
  • Contemporary Dance in The School for Toronto Dance theatre.
  • Somatic trainings  such as Continuum, Authentic movement, Body weather, Qikung & Co-creation.
  • Ongoing practice of Inquiry & Presence.

Creations & teachings


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