Welcome to Medicine Body Studio.  

We offer energy medicine treatments such as Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Korean herbal medicine, Energy healing and somatic movement in the center of Amsterdam.  Our focus is to support the energetic connection of each client to their own body and mind while promoting balanced way of living as well as improving specific health conditions.

The practice is registered with Association Zhong (Nederlandse vereniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde).

Bij Medicine Body studio in de Potgieterstraat kom je terug in balans.  

Ons doel is om jou als klant te ondersteunen en je bewust te maken van de energetische verbinding met je eigen lichaam en geest. Zo creëer je een evenwichtige manier van leven en kun je specifieke gezondheidsproblemen verbeteren.

De Praktijk is aangesloten bij Beroepsvereniging de ZHONG.

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Medicine body studio is featured in magazine JAN as one of the holistic therapies for chronic neck and shoulder pain. Happy to share our expertise & useful tips for prevention & management.





Originally Jihae and Kay worked as professional dancers and  choreographers. They bring years of body knowledge in their practice. Jihae is a registered acupuncturist and energy therapist. Kay is a certified shiatsu therapist. They are the co-owners of Medicine Body Studio.




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TCM meets somatic healing & art. Water is a fundamental substance for creating and maintaining life. Our earth is 70% covered in water and our body is mostly made of the water and body fluids. This fluid substance is one of the main sources for human evolution. We want to learn more about fluid intelligence …