Korean Herbal Medicine



In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), medicinal herbs have their own plant intelligence to communicate with the nature and  human body to heal diseases and support radiant health & longevity.

Medicinal herbs work specifically with Three treasures that are Jing (essence), Qi (vitality, energy force) & Shen ( Spirit – higher consciousness) in TCM. In the other known term as  Body, mind & heart connection.

Traditional Korean Medicine is a branch of TCM and shares the same root of philosophy and has developed further with constitutional medicine practice.



  • Chronic cough : persistent cough.
  • Arthritis : Mild to Severe joint pain.
  • Digestive problems : Difficulty to digest, bloated belly after meal.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Menopause, Hyper/hypothyroidism.
  • Weakness, low immunity and chronic fatigue



Dr. Ko Seok-Yoo : He was born in 1939 in Korea. Graduated from English language and literature in Korea University.  Suffered from chronic digestive issue and anxiety since he was young. Discovered Korean herbal medicine to treat his condition. Since then, he shifted his passion into herbalism and natural healings. He has been helping  many patients and dedicating his life for Korean herbal therapy for more than 50 year.