Movement awareness & Well-being practice – 25th May, 2-5pm

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Body of Presence Practice is a way of reconnecting to our bodies.
This practice allows the body to be as it wishes to, without us controlling,
interfering or imposing anything upon it.
Through a process of basic exercises as simple postures, visualisations,
guided meditation and movement in slow motion we are allowing the
body to move freely.

Some of the examples and questions we would look into are:

• What happens when we slow the body down, reduce the speed of the daily
movement, dive into the world of slow motion? We will work with daily movements, gestures (sitting, standing, walking).

• What happens if we imagine something moving our body? How does
imagination affect the way we move?

• How do we react to our thoughts? What kind of thoughts and images trigger
physical sensations and emotions in the body?

The class is open to everyone; no dance, yoga background required.

-Date: 25th May 2-5pm, 3hr-workshop

-Cost: 25 €

Location: Medicine Body Studio Potgieterstraat 39 sous, Amsterdam – centrum

-Contact: Aleksandra Lemm:; tel. 0620994649                         or Jihae Ko:


Aleksandra Lemm


Aleksandra Lemm is a choreographer and performer based in Amsterdam. Body of Presence practice comes from her 15 years experience in dance and choreography field. The practice arose from the necessity to find a new movement vacabulary which she use to create performances. It allows her to discover body being free from patterns and habits, moving in a new unexpected ways.