Winter health care with Acupuncture & Korean herbal medicine


Winter health care with Korean herbal medicine & Acupuncture 

Now we are  arriving in the end of the winter. In this season our body becomes more vulnerable to the temperature change, sickness of common cold and flu. We easily feel weakened immunity, fatigue and sensitivity to develop illness and injury.

Our winter guard formulas are especially designed as a preventive medicine in order to stay healthy and fit during the cold wintertime.

In our studio, we offer two types of winter guard formulas,

Winter Guard  1

Korean ginseng and tonic herbs for deep tonification of the body system, supporting immunity and energy level.

This blend included 11 herbs carefully prepared in our clinic.

Winter Guard  2

Fatigue & exhaustion.  This formula works wonder for fast recovery of fatigue and physical exhaustion as well as supporting the body from stress.

This blend includes 9 herbs carefully prepared in our clinic.



2-4 weeks of herbal medicine, 3-5 acupuncture session.



4-12 weeks of herbal medicine, 10 acupuncture sessions.


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