Planetary Acupuncture

In Medicine body studio, acupuncture is a sensorial and somatic healing method involving with touch, listening and observation. Through senses, our body communicates with our nervous system to perceive and integrate information. Acupuncture can stimulate auto regulation (autonomous nervous system) and self-healing capacity.

Our energy body is made out of 5 elements, intertwines with internal organ system. Each organ has its own energy pathway (meridian) for physical and metaphysical function. All the organs are interconnected and inter-related as energy system, like the 5 elements creating and maintaining ‘Eco system’ in nature.

Planetary acupuncture is a mirror of the traditional acupuncture, considering our individual body as acupuncture needle of energy centre to communicate with the earth through awareness and embodiment practice.

The work informs us about the elemental wisdom and our inseparable relationship with nature (environment). The purpose of the practice is to discover ancient wisdom as guidance and find our own authentic journey of creation and healing process for our soul growth.


+Ritual performance ‘Planetary acupuncture’ was premiered at the 7th Body.Radical performing arts biennale. 13-17th Sep 2021.


+5 elements somatic art & healing workshop “Medicine body movement” at the Korean cultural center, 18th Sep 2021 in Budapest, Hungary.



About Ko Jihae

She is a registered acupuncturist, dance artist & somatic movement practitioner based in Amsterdam. Her work deals with healing and creation through sensory awareness and therapeutic process.

She is a co-founder of Medicine body studio in Amsterdam where she facilitates ongoing sessions. She works closely with clients with body-mind symptoms and women’s health.