Movement coaching

 This one-on-one movement coaching session is tailored to your needs to improve overall strength, flexibility and healthy posture as well as discovering your body as moving intelligence and creative source.

In this training, you will be guided safely  to re-learn how to move and train your body  consciously in order to get back to your balanced self and well-being.

The coaching is designed for people,

  • To train the body in a holistic way.
  • To prevent & improve injuries.
  • To learn about tools for body & mind practice through movement.
  • Who want to find creative tools to manage body-mind symptoms in a holistic way.

The session is based on moving and being moved practice.

  •  Movement pattern training(Moving):  Slow, focused and repetitive movement exercises are introduced  for coordination, stretching, balancing, orientation and  adaptation of the body function. You will learn various movement patterns to explore  body mechanics.
  • Sensory awareness (Being moved):   Vision is the most dominant sense. By moving with your eyes closed, you can access to body sensation, feeling and  inner listening state. You will learn how to be present in your own body, and  feel grounded and safe.


Jihae Ko worked as professional dancer and  choreographer for many years, collaborated with numerous artists in Europe, Canada and S.Korea. She brings years of body knowledge to her practice.

She grew up with Traditional Korean Medicine; her father is a life long Korean medicine practitioner in South Korea. Her background brought her  to specialising in alternative medicine and healing.

She is a registered acupuncturist and movement practitioner. Her work  integrates knowledges of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  somatic awareness and creativity.

She is a co-owner of Medicine Body Studio in Amsterdam.