Postnatal care

Postnatal care with Herbal medicine & Acupuncture therapy

A women’s body undergoes major physiological, hormonal, circulatory, and metabolic changes during pregnancy and after delivery. Postnatal recovery is such an important process since mother’s health needs a deep nourishment and special care to recover properly. Especially after giving birth many women complain several symptoms such as

-Fatigue, frequent urination, difficulty in digestion, low appetite, poor breast milk production

-Constipation, depression, insomnia, hair loss, excessive night sweat, hormonal imbalance

-Abdominal pain, uterus discharge, cold limbs, lower back pain, painful joints and muscles

Herbal medicine & Acupuncture can support postnatal symptoms by

-Nourishing the body,

-Promoting circulation,

-Helping uterus recovery,

-Improving digestion

-Supporting breast feeding

-Relaxing the body & mind

In our studio, we offer postnatal care program with Korean herbal medicine and acupuncture therapy.

Our postnatal care formula, herbs are carefully selected to improve the complaints as well as safely supporting breast-feeding.

-Basic program

1 month herbal medicine, 3-5 acupuncture sessions.

-Deep tonification program

3 month of herbal medicine, 10 acupuncture sessions.

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