Persistant Cough

Herbal medicine & Acupuncture for  persistent cough

Cough is the most frequent symptom related to the seasonal changes. Herbal medicine and acupuncture offer very effective treatment option.

In TCM perspective, cough can occur as acute condition by invasion of pathogens such as cold, wind, dampness, dryness and heat according to the seasonal influence.

Cough can also occur as a chronic condition by energy imbalance of internal organs such as Stomach &Spleen storing internal dampness & phlegm, Liver energy stagnation with stress affecting the lungs.

In our studio, we offer persistent cough treatment with Korean herbal medicine and acupuncture therapy.

Our persistent cough formula is made of 15 herbs that are effective for eliminating cough as well as tonifying the lung and the body system for strengthening the immunity.

Herbal medicine & Acupuncture can relieve cough by

-Nourish and strengthen the lung

-Build up the immunity

-Sedate pathogenic symptoms

– Unblock stagnation

-Promote blood flow & circulation

-Calm the nervous system

-Harmonise the internal organs

*Acute persistent cough ( less than 3 weeks)

1 month herbal medicine & 3 acupuncture treatments.

**Chronic persistent cough

3-6 month of herbal medicine & 10 acupuncture treatments

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