Immune Boost

In this hectic period, our body need nurturing and support. We need to make a conscious choice to take care of our health, especially the immunity to protect our body system, maintain good diet, make sure to sleep and rest well.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine have a long history of helping human health especially have great success at supporting immunity by regulating energetic imbalances in our body and stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters to bring our body back into optimal health.

In Traditional Chines medicine, immune system is a like a protective layer that keeps the cold, excessive heat, wind and illness away. Qi (energy) has many different roles and abilities in our body. Every organ has its own Qi. There are three important Qi in our immune system,

-Wei Qi ( protective energy): is a large part of our immunity working as   outer defence mechanism.

-Ying Qi ( Nutritive energy) : is from daily nutrition.

-Yuan Qi ( Source energy): is a combination of energy that comes from the Kidneys that activates body fluids, blood and the essence. This Yuan Qi is essential for circulation and nourishment in our body.

Our Immune boosting formula is especially designed as a preventive medicine in order to build strong immunity, focus on supporting Lungs, Kidneys and the full body tonification.

This blend includes 10 herbs carefully prepared in our clinic.


4 weeks of herbal medicine, 3-5 acupuncture session.


6 month of herbal medicine, 10 acupuncture sessions

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