Digestive problems

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), digestive system is responsible not only for digesting food and drink, but also for digesting your emotions and thoughts, keeping what nurtures your spirit and letting go of what doesn’t.  Worry, anxiety, stress and overthinking can disturb your digestion.

TCM can positively improve various symptoms and treat the physical and emotional imbalances in the digestive system.

The methodology that TCM applies to diagnose whether the digestive system is working correctly is by analysing whether the “digestive fire” is balanced for digestion and absorption of food.

When the “digestive fire” is weak, food isn’t digested correctly, provoking the spleen-stomach to overwork, as well as causing symptoms such as bloating, gas, lack of hunger, vomiting and abdominal pain.

On the other hand, when the “digestive fire” is too intense, the opposite symptoms arise such as constant hunger, acidity, weight-loss can lead to illnesses such as gastritis and stomach ulcers.

In order to prevent these symptoms and ensure your digestive system is working optimally, TCM can bring back the “digestive fire” into balance and ensure that your gut is healthy.

In our studio, we offer two types of herbal formulas,

  • Earth formula – This formula is especially designed for nourishing the digestive system and regulating the bowel movement to improve chronic indigestion, diarrhoea, IBS, stress related digestion issues.
  • Harmonising formula -This formula is especially designed for calming down stomach fire, regulate the bowel movement, help fat digestion to improve chronic indigestion, constipation and digestive inflammatory problems.

The formulas include 10-14 herbs carefully prepared in our clinic.


1 month of herbal medicine, 3-5 acupuncture sessions.


3-6 month of herbal medicine, 10 acupuncture sessions.

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