About Korean Medicine

In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), medicinal herbs have their own plant intelligence to communicate with the nature and  human body to heal diseases and support radiant health & longevity.

Traditional Korean Medicine is a branch of TCM and shares the same root of philosophy and has developed further with constitutional medicine practice.                                                                                             

Our unique herbal medicine formulas

In our studio, we have a partnership with Korean herbal doctor Ko Seok-kyu  who is a life long practitioner for more than 50 years in Korean herbalism. His unique formulas are introduced to our clients, especially for the specific conditions listed below. The formulas are prepared and packaged directly in our Amsterdam clinic to ensure its quality. Each formula consists of a precise dosage prescription and duration of intake depending of the illness or body imbalance.

  • Woman’s health –  Menstrual disorders, Recurrent bladder infection, Ovarian cyst & uterine fibroids, Pre & postnatal care, Morning sickness & uterine bleeding during pregnancy, Menopause symptoms.
  • Immune boosting – Seasonal health care, Energy level, Full body system tonification.
  • Mental health – Insomnia, Anxiety, Burn-out, Depression, ADHD.
  • Pain management- Arthritis, fibromyalgia , Chronic back pain, Concussion & Physical trauma recovery.
  • Digestive problems & Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Covid  recovery, Cold & Flu prevention
  • Respiratory illness-Persistent cough, Asthma, Bronchitis.
  • Headache & migraine
  • Skin problems – Eczema, acne, hives (Urticaria)

Dr. Ko Seok-Kyu was born in 1930 in Korea. He was the first generation of practitioners who after the Korean War, inherited the Korean traditional medicine to continue this lineage of natural medicine.

Initially a graduate from English language and literature in Korea University.   Dr. Ko S.Y worked as a language scholar and translator. Since he was young, he suffered from chronic digestive issue and anxiety. Korean herbal medicine helped his symptoms enormously, since then he devoted his passion in herbalism and natural healing.

His work is based on ‘ Sasang Constitutional Medicine (SCM)’ that focuses on the individual constitution in the state of body, mind and emotion as a totality of health. SCM has its roots in Confucius philosophy where the human health is intertwined with the environment and society.

He has been helping many patients and dedicating his life for Korean herbal therapy for more than 50 years.