Bodywork therapy

At Medicine Body Studio we offer shiatsu and deep tissue bodywork to help our clients alleviate symptoms of muscle pain and postural blockages, as well as restoring mobility in the fascia, muscle & bone.

Kay’s experience as a former dancer and treating professional dancers at Het National Ballet helped him develop a unique approach.

A Bodywork session offers recovery and treatment for:

-General muscle pain, stiffness, spams

-improve mobility in your posture and joints

-Specific target points such as back, hip, shoulder, neck and feet pain

-Deep relaxation for your nervous system.


  • More about Shiatsu therapy:

Shiatsu bodywork is based on the meridian energy system much like acupuncture. Shiatsu works primarily on helping you reconnect to your body, improve your energy levels with deep relaxation and treat body symptoms through touch. We use gentle breathing, hands pressure and stretches along your meridian system to facilitate the flow of energy.

Furthermore shiatsu is recommended with clients that have difficulty with Acupuncture due to needling and nervousness.

Shiatsu takes place on a futon with comfortable clothing.


  • More about Deep tissue therapy:

Deep tissue bodywork is an excellent way to alleviate pain symptoms developed through posture habits such as office work, sports activity, as well as sports related injury. During a session we work through the muscle pain in a structural way, looking at lack of mobility and blockages, and slowing releasing muscle chains and fascia with deep muscular stimulation and gentle mobilizations.

A deep tissue session takes place on a massage table with quality herbal massage oil.

About Kay

Kay is a shiatsu practitioner and deep tissue therapist with more than 20 years of experience in the field of well being, body oriented practices and movement.

Kay was a professional dancer for many years and acquired  very valuable body wisdom through this period of his life that still informs his sessions today.

He is also part of the health team of Het Nationale Ballet in Amsterdam, working closely as massage therapist for the care of professional dancers and injury prevention.


Kay’s interview with JAN magazine, sharing his expertise on chronic neck & shoulder pain for prevention and management.