Somatic healing – 5 elements body mind therapy

Somatic healing is  an rebalancing process of body-emotion-mind, based on inquiry and body awareness integrating with 5 elemental wisdom.

This session is recommended for individuals looking  to  improve psychosomatic symptoms  and  learn how to work with the shadow, wounds and pain as a fuel of healing & transformative process for self potential and empowerment.

This inner work is an invitation to get back to your true body beyond the habitual, cultural labels and identities, discover deeper dimensions of body presence as a living creative organism.

What is body inquiry?

Body inquiry is a simple and powerful method in order to be aware of your physical, emotional and mental state as it is. You will be guided to listen to your inner space and inquire your feelings and state of the moment. You will learn how to be present in your own body, and  feel grounded and safe.

Wisdom of 5 elements as a map

Earth, water, fire, air and space are the vital elements for our life, are always living within us to regenerate and nourish ourselves.

You will inquire deeply which element is most lack in your life and learn how to work with the wisdom of the element.



Earth element – Stomach

Power to be present

Center of the physical body*

Earth wisdom: grounding, protection, boundary, clarity, safety.                                       (Stomach & Spleen for Digestive process, vital nourishment ) .

Earth energy is originated from the ground, enters to the feet & legs and reside in the centre of the abdomen. Origin of integration.

Imbalance in Earth energy

Body symptoms: digestive problems, IBS, heavy limbs, muscle aches, organ prolapse, fatigue, low immunity in general.

Mind symptoms: Depression, difficulty in memorising & focus, hyper-sensitivity, boundary issue.

Medicine:  transforming blood Karma, body-oriented process.




Water element -Kidneys

Power to feel.

Center of the emotions*

Water wisdom: feeling, tranquillity, caring, transformative, intuitive, creative (Kidneys & Bladder-water regulation & emotional responses)

Water energy is hosted in the sacrum resonating though the spine & the brain, manifesting in the ears. Regulating light & shadow. Origin of creation.

 Imbalance in Kidney energy

Body symptoms: frequent urination, back pain, fluid retention, cold feet, night sweat, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, hair loss, autoimmune diseases, congenital issues, Kidney and bladder problems in general.

Mind symptoms : trauma, anxiety, panic attack, burn-out, fibromyalgia etc.

Medicine: transforming generational pain & fear, feeling & letting- go process.




Fire element- Heart

Power to dream. Power to heal.

Center of the mind*

Fire wisdom: warmth, love, vision, dream & desire                                                        (Heart & Brain for Mind-body-soul alignment)

Heart energy is an engine, pulsing with breath of life to communicate between the body and the mind, resonating a pure energy to the brain and higher self. Origin of manifestation & transcendence. Connection to the vision & soul growth.

Imbalance in Heart energy

Body symptoms: Short of breath, oppression in the chest, palpitation, nightmares, extreme fatigue, heart and lung problems in general.

Mind symptoms: insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, epilepsy, constant worries, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, hallucination.

Medicine: transforming  generational ignorance, aligning with intent & vision.



  Ture nature

Space wisdom – totality & oneness

Allowing as it is

Becoming  an inner observer

Coming back to our senses to truly listen, feel and see through.


Body awareness – senses, visualisation & focused movement.

In healing process, senses have such an important role. Senses have direct connection to the nervous system  to integrate information, orientate and balance the body. Through senses, we can feel sensations and emotions, receive and exchange energy.

In daily life,  our body is mostly performed as a functional & practical tool, senses  are overstimulated  and sensorial awareness is limited. This issues can lead to a long term separation and desensitisation of the body and mind.

In this practice, you will be guided safely to be in contact with pure senses of feeling, listening and inner seeing by inquiry, visualisation & focused-movement with eyes closed. Vision is the most dominant sense. By working with eyes closed, other senses can come forward. You can access to a deeper state of your body & mind.

You will  experience your body as  a container of awareness. Your body owns balancing nature of energy which is a biological intelligence in charge of self-regulation and healing capacity.


Jihae Ko is a registered acupuncturist, energy therapist and movement artist based in Amsterdam. Her work explores health of body, mind and spirit by integrating knowledges of Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing and somatic awareness. Ko helps her clients to feel at rest and assist healing process where clients can connect to their own self- healing capacity.

She grew up with Traditional Korean Medicine; her father is a life long Korean medicine practitioner in South Korea. Initially she worked as a professional dancer and choreographer.  She brings years of body knowledge in her practice. Her work embodies a holistic healing and somatic awareness approach to medicine practice.

She is a co-owner of Medicine Body Studio in Amsterdam.