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Online sessions via Skype or FaceTime *Duration : 1 hour   *Price : 65€


  1. Acupressure self care coaching

This online coaching session can be a continuation of acupuncture treatment in a creative form.

This session is recommend for clients who want to improve specific body symptoms and complaints. In this session, you will learn how to use acupressure points according to your condition and how to tune into your body awareness for self care & well-being.


  1. Energy healing for personal growth & creativity

This session is an invitation for you to reconnect with your own presence, set a clear intention in order to align your body, mind, heart and spirit. This inner- work supports you for empowerment and self-trust.

In this session, allowing the body as a medicine to heal and embrace  your feelings, emotions and thoughts through inquiry practice to reflect where  you are in your life process at the moment.

This inner work is an invitation  to get back to your true body beyond the habitual, cultural labels and identities, discover deeper dimensions of body presence as a living creative organism.


  1. Personal movement training for health, Injury prevention & recovery.

This movement coaching session is designed for individuals looking to improve their health through movement and stretching based on basic Qigong (slow and focused movement)  & body awareness practice.

Each session is tailored to your needs to improve overall strength, flexibility, coordination and healthy posture.


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Jihae Ko is a registered acupuncturist, energy therapist and somatic movement practitioner based in Amsterdam. She explores health of body, mind and spirit by integrating  knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine, energy healing and somatic awareness in her treatment. She helps her clients to feel at rest and assist healing process where clients can connect to their own self- healing capacity.

She grew up with Traditional Korean Medicine; her father is a life long Korean medicine practitioner in South Korea. Initially she worked as a professional dancer and choreographer. She brings years of body knowledge in her therapy and movement practice. Her work embodies holistic healing, body awareness and inquiry to alternative medicine practice.

She is a co-owner of Medicine Body Studio in Amsterdam.


Kay is a body worker, massage therapist & movement trainer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of wellbeing, body oriented practices and movement.

He is also part of health team of Het National Ballet in Amsterdam, working closely as deep tissue therapist for the care of professional dancers and injury prevention.

He was a professional dancer & dance teacher for many years. He brings valuable moving body wisdom in his therapy sessions.

He is a co-owner of Medicine Body Studio.